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Topics around electric heating

Every day we ask ourselves what things we can improve to make it easier for people in their everyday lives. Many concepts and ideas arise, but not all of them can be realized. But in our ELIAH heated ceiling lamp we made it real: we brought the idea to life. Now no one has to have a cold room and enjoy the luxury of quick heating in every room. That's what fascinated us. 

Still Image Interview Simon Haaf

TV report at Bauen & Wohnen

The TV team and the heater on the ceiling Our heated ceiling lamp ELIAH has made it to television. Because everyone knows it. The morning walk into the cold

Clean hands even on vacation

Whether it's a short trip to Venice or Florence, AMIRA is always with you and keeps your hands clean long after you've washed them.

ELIAH is available at Lampenwelt

We are very pleased that Lampenwelt is convinced of ELIAH and that our product will soon be available throughout Europe via the corresponding stores. Here goes

Amira in blue

AMIRA is available now!

AMIRA is now available! We have exciting news for you! It's finally here, never touch disgusting door knobs and buttons in public again!

ELIAH is available now!

ELIAH is now available! ELIAH is available for immediate delivery. Please use our online store to order. We deliver to Germany and Austria. Questions about the

HyHandler becomes AMIRA

HyHandler becomes AMIRA We were able to finance our hygenic operating aid even without the completed crowdfunding. AMIRA is currently in production and will be available in September

Four days of crowdfunding

Hi there! Great, after 4 days of crowdfunding we have already collected over € 1500 for the implementation of the HyHandler. Thank you so much!

Four days of crowdfunding

Four days of crowdfunding Hello! Great, after 4 days of crowdfunding we have already collected over 1500,- € for the realization of the HyHandler. Thank you very much! What is it about