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Electric heating in the bathroom - all technologies from infrared heating to fan heaters at a glance.

Electric heating in the bathroom - all technologies from infrared heating to fan heaters at a glance.

Who hasn't experienced this? You are late, hop out of the warm bed and going to the cold bathroom becomes a challenge. The mood is in the cellar, because the room does not get warm and the time is running. Without the instant heat effect, showering and brushing your teeth becomes tedious, especially in the winter months. We look at electric heaters like Warm ceiling light and infrared heater take a closer look.

The thought of a Electric heating in bathroom lets everyone get out of bed faster and start the day stress-free. But which heater provides pleasant warmth, light and thus a feel-good atmosphere in the bathroom in seconds?

Electric heatingen comparison for bade room
We compare 5 electric heaters for your bathroom in a clear table.

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Electric heating in the bathroom - the technologies

  • Warm ceiling lamp

A uncomplicated solution for quick heat in the bathroom offers the genre of heated ceiling lamp. This relatively new type of lamp combines light and heating in one device. Such devices are well suited when no new electrical installation is possible or desired. It is only necessary to dismantle the existing ceiling lamp. Protection from hot surfaces is provided, as is convenient operation by light switch. It is also not possible to bump into it - after all, the lamp hangs on the ceiling of the bathroom.

  • Mobile fan heaters

The advantage of mobile fan heaters with footprint on the floor is that they are movable and heat immediately, but without digital safety circuit. There is a risk of impact to people and no protection from the hot surfaces. Vertical homogeneous temperature distribution is not possible due to the low fan power. However, with the thermal fuses you are on the safe side with regard to fire protection. If necessary, covering the device with textiles can lead to the destruction of the device. The existing installation is often sufficient for this electric heater.

  • Wall mounted fan heaters

The wall-mounted variant is space-saving with immediate start of heating, without digitally monitored safety circuit but mainly with timer function. The thermostat is usually present digitally, but the safety against covering by textiles is not fully provided. The heating function has limited adaptability to the room size and the existing installation is often insufficient. In addition, a suitable installation surface on a wall is required. The electrical connection via socket and direct operation on the device or with remote control are other facts.

  • Infrared wall heating

The movement space with this heater in the bathroom remains ideal, but the lead time to the start of heating is 5-15 minutes. So, if you want an immediate heating effect, you should choose another type of heating. In addition, a corresponding large and free installation area is required. Vertical temperature distribution is homogeneous, and direct operation is located on the device, or the socket adapter, or there is an additional remote control. There is no risk of impact to people. The space for movement is not limited with this electric heater in the bathroom, and there is often a manufacturer's warranty from 2 to 5 years.

  • Wall convector

In the wall convector there is a lead time of a few minutes to the noticeable start of heating, but the vertical temperature distribution is not homogeneous. This space-saving variant, like any electric heating in the bathroom, provides thermal protection against fire. Covering by textiles is often not excluded. Direct operation on the device also has a weekly timer. Often, the heating power is not modulating, nor is it possible to directly replace the ceiling light.

With the heated ceiling lamp light and heating by light switch

The advantages of the heated ceiling lamp in the bathroom should help you decide on other heating alternatives.

Eliah on the ceiling explainsAll advantages at a glance

  • Comfort through instant heat technology: Light and heat at the touch of a button by direct operation on the light switch with instant heat effect! Easily dimmable LED light that provides the feel-good factor. A timer function (Easy Timer, weekly timer) is integrated in this electric heater in the bathroom.
  • Central heat shower effect: This provides an all-around instant warm air all over the body to the feet. With the self-regulating, powerful fan, the air is quickly distributed in the room and a vertical, homogeneous temperature distribution is the result.
  • More security

The fire protection in the heated ceiling lamp is optimal and, in addition to several thermal fuses, is additionally enhanced by the software of the microprocessor with speed monitoring. Further safety factors are protection against hot surfaces, no risk of impact for persons as well as safety against covering by textiles.

  • Easy & convenient handling: This variant of an electric heater in the bathroom makes it possible to directly replace current ceiling lights. It is mounted exactly where your old ceiling lamp still hangs. At the existing light switch, you can switch on the heating function in less than two seconds.
  • Energy saving: Warm ceiling lamp is a smart and energy-saving solution, because in addition to lighting, no additional heating is needed. The room temperature can be lowered when your bathroom is not in use. There is also an adaptable heating function to the electrical installation, as well as room size and the heating power is controlled in a modulating manner - due to these adjustment possibilities, a heated ceiling lamp saves electricity.
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 years complete and 10 years on color fastness of the diffuser.

With the combined advantage of light and heating in one, you get a full electric heater in a very high quality LED ceiling light. No more cold bath in the morning and quick, pleasant warmth in your bathroom.

The data in the comparison table correspond to the predominant standards on the market and may deviate in individual cases.


Questions and answers about infrared heaters

ELIAH is an energy-efficient heated ceiling lamp and is the replacement for classic infrared heaters with light and ceiling mounting. These questions often reach us in this context, here you can find our answers. Do you also have a question? Write to us.

Infrared heaters always require a certain lead time until the heat radiation is emitted. Therefore, simply replacing the ceiling light with an infrared heater is not easily possible. The infrared heating is therefore not suitable as demand heating, but must be controlled with a timer to bring a bathroom to a comfortable temperature for certain periods of time.

With infrared heaters, the heat is usually noticeable only after 420 to 900 seconds. The pleasantly warm air flow of ELIAH already after 10 seconds. The 2 kilowatts of power will warm any bathroom to a comfortable temperature in no time. The heated comfort area quickly spreads from the central mounting position in all directions of the room.

Infrared rays transfer thermal energy to objects and the human body. The advantage of the devices is their silent operation after heating. Disadvantages are the long lead times until rooms have warmed up, as well as the large optical room impression. For 2 kilowatts of power, about 1.5 square meters of emitter surface* are needed. They are not suitable as a sole solution for spontaneous and demand-oriented heating.

*Guide value for dark radiators

Good for the environment, good for you!

Are you interested in modern high efficiency heated ceiling lamp? We explain it to you clearly and pragmatically.

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  1. I am planning a bathroom renovation. I am looking for suitable technologies to "digitalize" my bathroom a bit. The infrared heater does not suit me. The lead time it takes to warm up bothers me a lot. Also the area that is required... I'll take a closer look at the heated ceiling lamp. Thanks for this post, otherwise I would have found this out nihct! Kind regards, Hannes

  2. Thank you for this post about electric heating in the bathroom. It is true that the heated ceiling lamp is a quick to install option that quickly provides heat in the bathroom. I will look for a plumbing company that can install such a lamp for me.

  3. Interesting chart, this confirms to me the use of my Eliah heater in the bathroom, I love it 🙂

  4. Nina Kasselbrenner

    We want a new heater. Good to know that you can super install electric heating in a bathroom. About this I will seek advice from a professional.

  5. Good to know that the advantage of fan heaters is that they heat instantly. My uncle wants to buy a fan heater for his bathroom. He is interested in the fact that the heating effect occurs quickly. A heated ceiling lamp would be ideal!

  6. Good to know that finally the lead time to start heating is not 5 to 15 minutes as in infrared heaters or other heaters. But rather the heat ceiling lamp can produce heat directly. I also want to buy a new electric heater for the bathroom!

  7. Thank you for this post about heaters in the bathroom. Interesting that infrared heaters have a lead time to start heating of 5 to 15 minutes. That would be too long for me and I will find out what alternatives there are. Many greetings, Nils

  8. This has been a very interesting article on electric heating in the bathroom. I have already read through a few posts on this. Thank you, now I have collected enough knowledge on this topic infrared heaters and electric heaters.

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