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Save heating costs with a modern electric heating

Save heating costs with a modern electric heating 

The theme Heating costs has been on the minds of more and more people in recent months. Even a quick glance at the bill reveals a shocking fact: In many cases, prices are higher than they have been for a long time. Save heating costs is therefore an important point this year and next, and the ways may be creative, because how you save does not matter. Only one thing is certain: in the end, there must be less on the heating bill.

Let's see the calculation of a heating engineer who measured the temperature of a bathroom (about 8 square meters). The heating engineer calculated that by efficiently lowering the temperature in the bathroom from 23 degrees to 18 degrees, you can save about 32 € per year. If the bathroom was already heated with electricity so far, the saved amount can be even about 120 €.  

But how do you reconcile the desire for a pleasant temperature in the room with the cost factor? There is an efficient solution and the attached graphic shows what it's all about: A modern heated ceiling lamp can be easy on the wallet here!

auxiliary heatingen with ELIAH saves costen

How to save money with electric heating? 

To begin with, you look at the various options that are available to save money, for example, in the bathroom with a modern electric heater. Among them is the mobile fan heater. Advantages of this device are that it is ready for use immediately, and exactly where heat is needed. The mobility of the fan heater makes the temperature distribution flexible. However, caution is advised! This is because it is easy to bump, injure or even get painful burns from the hot surface when using the fan heater. In addition, there is the usually negative visual impression of the room, especially due to the cables to the socket.   

Infrared wall heating also provides a pleasantly warm bathroom. Compared to the fan heater, there is no risk of shock here, but you should still bring patience. In fact, an infrared wall heater is not for the impatient. With a long lead time of 5 to 15 minutes, warming takes a really long time. In addition, the cables are also difficult to conceal here, and the large surfaces mean that the infrared heater is usually dominant in the room.

Probably the fastest and most practical solution for heating and saving at the same time is the modern heated ceiling lamp. This heating option combines the positive properties of light with heat. The implementation of the new electric heating is really quickly done and easy to use. To install the heated ceiling lamp, you just need to dismantle the old light source and attach the new lamp. Already the efficient warming can begin! 

The convincing advantages of a heated ceiling lamp 

Compared to many other heating options, safety is always guaranteed with the heated ceiling lamp. You can neither burn yourself nor bump into a heater standing around. Space-saving and safe, the heated ceiling lamp fulfills its purpose. The handling of the heated ceiling lamp is very easy. At the already existing light switch, the heat is turned on or off like the light before. The heated ceiling lamp can heat directly with a quick switch, and provides a high level of comfort with its instant heat. The radiated heat is pleasantly and evenly distributed throughout the room and reaches your feet. 

Why save so much with a heated ceiling lamp? 

Probably the biggest advantage of heating with the heated ceiling lamp is that you can save quite a bit of money without sacrificing comfort. If you look at the graph above when heating a room with 7.8 square meters, ELIAH shows how quickly heating with a heated ceiling lamp takes place. If the regular heating of the bathroom is turned down permanently (to about 18 degrees) and only heated up for 1 minute with ELIAH when needed, then the room temperature increases by 2 degrees, at 5 minutes it is a whole 4 degrees that are added. Accordingly, if the bathroom is not needed, it is not necessary to heat it above 18 degrees, only the dew point must not be undercut. This principle means a great cost savings, because heating is only when actually needed. With the ELIAH heated ceiling lamp you can heat up the bathroom comfortably within five minutes. With the principle of heating on demand, you can enjoy warm room temperatures and also reap financial benefits. In our Rechenbeispiel, the annual energy cost savings thus amount to approx. 23 €

Save money on heating in 2-3 days with ELIAH

Buy directly from the manufacturer - that is us - the ELIAH heated ceiling lamp and save money. Watch our expert talk with Simon and Stephan. The two developers invented ELIAH and explain every detail.

ELIAH heated ceiling lamp installed in country house bathroom

Footnotes to the calculation: bases of the calculations from the website: Heizkostenrechner.com : Annual kWh per QM: 190 ; Year of construction: 1978-94; Bathroom size: 8 sq. m.; Apartment size 80 sq. m.; Savings per reduced degree of room temperature: 5 %; Heating costs with oil heating per sq. m.: 18 €; Daily use of ELIAH: 2 x 30 min. hour; Heating costs with electricity per sq. m.: 66,50 €; Heating reduction of oil heating during on-demand heating: approx. 50%.

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  1. A very informative article about the advantages of moderner electric heatingen! The ELIAH heatdeckenlamp sounds like an innovaenve solution that offers both comfort and energy effienciency. I appreciate the detaillierten informationen and considerationen to den heating costen. The concept des demand heatingens is gerade in timeen increasingender energy costen a convincingende Idee. Thanks for sharingen!

  2. A moderne electric heating system can be an interesting alternative to traditionalen heating systems. It offers several advantages, such as easy installation and maintenance. It is also easy to regulatedem and can heat rooms quicklyder.

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