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TV report at Bauen & Wohnen

The TV team and the heater on the ceiling

Our ELIAH heated ceiling lamp has made it onto television. Because everyone knows it. The morning walk into the cold bathroom and now at the latest you want to go back to the warm bed, but our heated ceiling lamp ELIAH can provide a remedy. The basic idea of the lamp is that you use the infrastructure of the ceiling light to integrate a quick instant heating. And this simply has the advantage that you don't need to take up extra space in the room, you have a device which is always available and which simply provides heat quickly when needed. ELIAH is mounted on the ceiling, where the ceiling lamp used to hang. Our intelligent system heats faster than water-bearing and infrared heaters. Another advantage is that it eliminates the need for a large bulky radiator in the bathroom. We have ELIAH in use in very small toilets and we have ELIAH in use in larger bathrooms over 20 square meters, everything is possible here, the system regulates itself and adapts.

An interview with the creators of the heated ceiling lamp

The operation works quite simply via the normal light switch. The big, complicated and unnecessary bells and whistles are thus omitted. The device can be operated quite normally on the light switch. That is, if you turn on the light switch once, then you first have only "normal", high-quality light. This is the first program. And if you then turn the switch off again and turn it on again within 5 seconds, then you switch to the second program. And in the default setting, the second program is then light and heat. That is, the heating function now turns on and warms the room. The fan inside provides fast and even distribution of heat in the room from the head to the feet. The installation itself is very simple. Standard installation is enough.

You do not need to install anything. A standard light switch is quite sufficient. You (or an electrician) take down your old lamp and install ELIAH in the same place in a few minutes. And that's it. Immediately after turning on the light and heat program, the device starts heating. The advantages compared to other heating solutions is, of course, first of all, no need for additional space. Then, the device hangs on the ceiling, you do not bump into it. You do not have to plug it into a socket. You do not need additional cables.

Save space for heating in the bathroom

And also the simple operation at the light switch, of course, does not replace a heating system that is to be operated permanently, but it is really a quick heating system that you just use when needed and thus also simply set on quick heat and can heat according to demand and energy efficient.

Immediate warmth, pleasant feel-good light. This makes it at least a little easier to get up.

Here the complete article, thanks to the team of Bauen & Wohnen!

3 thoughts on “Fernsehbeitrag bei Bauen & Wohnen”

  1. Olaf Anschütz

    The heater is great,but it would be better if there was a remote control to operate it.For the elderly it would be more user friendly.As soon as there is a remote control for this,I will buy this heater.Please let me know when there is one.

  2. Daniel Schneider

    Until now, I was not quite clear what heat ceiling lamps. Since we have just renovated, we also need new lighting everywhere. It should be nice and warm in our bathroom, thanks for this blogpost. LG Daniel S.

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