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Electric heating in the bathroom - all technologies at a glance

Electric heating in the bathroom - all technologies at a glance

Who does not know that? You are late, jump out of the warm bed and going into the cold bath becomes a challenge. The mood is in the basement, because the room is not getting warm and time is running out. Without the instant warming effect, showering and brushing your teeth will be tedious, especially in the winter months.

The thought of an electric heater in the bathroom lets everyone get out of bed faster and start the day stress-free. But which heating system delivers pleasant warmth, light and thus a feel-good atmosphere in the bathroom in seconds?

Comparison of electric heaters for the bathroom
We compare 5 electric heaters for your bathroom in a clear table.

Electric heating in the bathroom - the technologies

  • Warm ceiling lamp

The type of heated ceiling lamp offers an uncomplicated solution for quick warmth in the bathroom. This relatively new type of lamp combines light and heating in one device. Such devices are well suited when no new electrical installation is possible or desired. Only the existing ceiling lamp has to be removed. Protection from hot surfaces is provided, as is convenient operation using a light switch. You can't bump into it either - the lamp is hanging on the bathroom ceiling.

  • Mobile fan heaters

The advantage of mobile fan heaters with a floor space is that they can be moved and heat immediately, but without a digital safety circuit. There is a risk of shock to people and no protection from the hot surfaces. A vertical, homogeneous temperature distribution is not possible due to the low fan power. With the thermal fuses, however, you are on the safe side with regard to fire protection. If necessary, covering the device with textiles can destroy the device. The existing installation is often sufficient for this electric heater.

  • Wall mounted fan heaters

The wall-mounted variant is space-saving with immediate heating start, without digitally monitored safety circuit but mainly with a timer function. The thermostat is usually digitally available, but there is not complete security against being covered by textiles. The heating function can be adapted to the room size to a limited extent and the existing installation is often not sufficient. A suitable installation surface on a wall is also required. The electrical connection via socket and direct operation on the device or with remote control are further facts.

  • Infrared wall heating

The room to move around with this heater in the bathroom remains ideal, but the lead time to the start of heating is 5 to 15 minutes. So if you want an instant heating effect, you should choose a different type of heating. In addition, a correspondingly large and free installation area is required. The vertical temperature distribution is homogeneous and the direct operation is on the device or the socket adapter, or there is an additional remote control. There is no risk of impact to people. The freedom of movement is not restricted with this electric heater in the bathroom and there is often a manufacturer's guarantee of 2 to 5 years.

  • Wall convector

With the wall convector there is a lead time of a few minutes before the heating start can be felt, but the vertical temperature distribution is not homogeneous. Like any electric heater in the bathroom, this space-saving variant offers thermal protection against fire. Covering with textiles is often not excluded. The direct operation on the device also has a weekly timer. Often the heating output is not modulating, nor is a direct exchange for the ceiling light possible.

With the thermal ceiling lamp light and heating via light switch

The advantages of the heated ceiling lamp in the bathroom are intended to help you make decisions about other heating alternatives.

Eliah on the ceiling explainsAll advantages at a glance

  • Comfort through instant heat technology: Light and warmth at the push of a button through direct operation on the light switch with instant warming effect! Easily dimmable LED light that provides the feel-good factor. A time switch function (Easy Timer, weekly timer) is integrated in this electric heater in the bathroom.
  • Central heat shower effect: This ensures an all-round immediate, warm air all over the body down to the feet. With the self-regulating, powerful fan, the air is quickly distributed in the room and the result is a vertical, homogeneous temperature distribution.
  • More safety

The fire protection in the thermal ceiling lamp is optimal and is extended in addition to several thermal fuses by the software of the microprocessor with speed monitoring. Further safety factors are protection from hot surfaces, no risk of impact to people and security against being covered by textiles.

  • Simple & convenient handling: This variant of electric heating in the bathroom enables a direct exchange with the current ceiling lights. It is installed exactly where your old ceiling lamp is still hanging. You can switch on the heating function on the existing light switch in less than two seconds.
  • Energy saving: The heated ceiling lamp is an intelligent and energy-saving solution, because no additional heating is required in addition to the lighting. The room temperature can be lowered when your bathroom is not in use. There is also a heating function that can be adapted to the electrical installation, as well as room size and the heating output is controlled in a modulating manner - a thermal ceiling lamp saves electricity thanks to these adaptation options.
  • Manufacturer guarantee: 5 years completely and 10 years for the color fastness of the diffuser.

With the combined advantage of light and heating in one, you get complete electrical heating in a very high-quality LED ceiling light. No more cold baths in the morning and quick, pleasant warmth in your bathroom.

The information in the comparison table corresponds to the prevailing standards on the market and may differ in individual cases.

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