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Why a hygienables Bedienhelp? The Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung writes:

"Hands are the most common carriers of pathogens."1

In public places, we cannot reliably avoid contact with contaminated surfaces, nor can we constantly wash our hands or use disinfectants. AMIRA allows convenient operation of door handles, switches and buttons, or even garage ropes, without touching them directly. 

With AMIRA, door handles can be safely gripped - and Cross contamination are reliably prevented by the closed foreign contact surfaces.

Improve your hand hygiene naturally and without the excessive use of soap and disinfectants.


AMIRA at a glance:

Avoid direct contact with contaminated- or dirty Surfaces in everyday life

Immediate and complete touch protection after folding

Savings of disinfectant and soap and their effects on the skin

Door handles
Door bars
Pushbuttons & Switches
Parking garages
One hand application
Suitable for dishwashers
Disinfectant suitable
Hygienic handling & storage
Comfortable spring mechanism

UV light demonstration

Foreign contact surfaceen (illuminatedend shown) werden lockeden in AMIRA in a contact-safe manner.

Savings potential

Who with AMIRA per working day only
1x additional hand1TP8washen
1x additional handdesinfection
verhindert, saves annually:


Expenditure on hand hygiene products2

0 ml

Soap and disinfectant3

0 g

Packaging waste for hand hygiene products4

AMIRA Facten:

0 %

Contact safe contacts5

> 0 %

reduced contact surfaces for germ absorption6

Our Kunden myen:


Average rating of AMIRA on Amazon on 06.10.2020

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AMIRA is the latest generation of hygienic handling aid!

AMIRA allows convenient operation of door handles, mechanical switches and buttons, or even garage ropes, without touching them directly. The contact points provided for this purpose take over this task and disappear in the device after use, so that unintentional contact is ruled out. Thus AMIRA can be held in the hand and stowed in any jacket pocket, trouser pocket or handbag. Thereby is AMIRA light, robust and easy to store.

AMIRA contributes to efficient contact avoidance in public spaces, while being small and handy and easy to learn to use on a daily basis. When gripping is directed AMIRA automatically off and also has a high tolerance againsten tilting when applieden to door handles and door rods.

The bidirectionally acting spring mechanism ensures that AMIRA does not accidentally open in pockets and springs back comfortably during operation. For operation, the handling aid is simply unfolded, and after operation simply folded closed.

Technical data:

  • Product name: HYA
  • Materials: Plastic / ABS & Stainless Steel
  • Weight: < 55 g
  • Dimensions HxWxD [mm]:
    136 x 45 x 14
  • Bidirectional spring mechanism
  • Operation of: mechanical push buttons / resistive touch screens / door bars / door handles / underground garage cables
  • Not suitable for capacitive touchscreens!
  • Cleaning: dishwasher / disinfectant
  • Age recommendation: 6+
  • Integrated eyelet for optional wrist strap
  • Manufacturer: Liquidbeam GmbH

AMIRA Footnoten:

1 Federal Center for Health Education

2 Assumptionen: Calculated prices for packaging sizeen of 500 ml in onlinehandel. Basedend on saved consumption of 0.66l soap (at 3.90 €/l each) and 0.66 l disinfectant (at 14.65 €/l each) per year results in a totalen of 12.24 €.

3 Assumenion: 220 days/year and daily savings of 3 ml each of soap and disinfectant (omissionenes of handdewashingen/disinfection after going to work, changing offices, returning after lunch oder returning from der toilet, etc.) results in savings of 0.66 liters of soap and 0.66 liters of disinfectant, togetheren 1.32 liters.

4 Assumptions: Weight determination of packaging for disinfectants and soap in refill packs with packaging sizes of 500 ml. Based on saved consumption of 0,66 l soap with package weight of 64 g/l and 0,66 l of disinfectant with packaging weight of 110 g/l and per year, adds up toen 115 g of packaging weight.

5 All contact surfaces used to touch potentially contaminated buttons and handles are internal when closed and cannot be touched.

6 At least 93 % reduced surface area when contacting buttons and switches, (even higher for door handles) and thus correspondingly less potential pick-up area for germs, compared to manual operation.