End the inconvenient and cumbersome heating of rarely used rooms: Put on fast heat by ELIAH!

Exchange your existing ceiling light and enjoy light and warmth. No conversions, configurable and easily to control with the light switch. Perfect for your bathroom, office, hobbyroom …
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ELIAH - lighting and warmth for your bathroom or wherever you want...

Bathrooms, Children’s rooms, cellar rooms, hobby rooms, attics, guest rooms, kitchens, rehearsal rooms, garages, kitchens, garden houses, conservatories,  lodges or club houses … ELIAH is the clever solution for all applications where lighting and additional heating are required. Especially for all rooms which you desire to be extra warm or which are not heated permanently.

The positives about ELIAH

Select your desired temperature

ELIAH eliminates inaccurate bimetallic thermostats or pointless min/max labels by storing up to six individual temperatures, accurate to the degree!

Easiest operation with existing light switches

A click turns on the LED light. Two more clicks turn on the heating. Other modes are accessible via additional clicks. With another single click, your can easily turn off ELIAH. Just simple and intuitive.

Warmth, in the blink of an eye

Regarding installation, operation or heating – compared to water-conducting radiators, ELIAH wins in every discipline. End the inconvenient and cumbersome heating of rarely used rooms: Put on fast heat by ELIAH!

Bright light with pleasant colour

ELIAH features natural colours and good contrasts thanks to high-quality Osram LEDs. You can set and select up to six brightness settings with the light switch.

Comprehensive safety

ELIAH detects temperatures in a fail-safe manner, electric circuits are protected redundantly. The installation on the ceiling prevents the supply and exhaust air from being obstructed. An automatic switchoff ensures the safe operation of ELIAH.

Immediately utilisable

ELIAH is a ceiling mounted device and therefore immediately utilisable. Forget about old and dusty mobile heaters. ELIAH needs no app and no remote control!

High quality and long life

The generous dimensions of the high quality components guarantee a long service life. The LEDs have a durability of at least 50,000 operating hours.

Frost protection

Winter is coming! ELIAH constantly monitors and regulates the temperature in a room. No more frozen water pipes or frozen plants in the conservatory, the garden hut or any other room.

Energy-saving and realiable

ELIAH uses economical LEDs, monitors the room temperature precisely and switches off the heating automatically. Therefore, ELIAH is remarkably safe and environmentally friendly.

More space and more safety

The elimination of mobile heating solutions leaves more space in rooms. Trip hazards such as extension cords or multi-outlet power sockets are gone, too.

Wellbeing without renovation

Existing ceiling lights can easily be replaced by ELIAH. Just replace your existing ceiling light, adjust maximum power consumption and then enjoy lighting and warmth.

Timeless design

ELIAH offers great functionality combined with a timeless design. When constructing the device, we took care that functionality and design perfectly integrate and complement each other. ELIAH inconspicuously fits in almost every living- or working room.

Pictures of ELIAH


ELIAH is currently in financing state. Our blog informs about the current project status and, of course, about the availability of ELIAH in 2018.


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Pre-order ELIAH soon.

The production of ELIAH is financed by pre-orders and investors. Pre-order your device to get the best price ever!

ELIAH - intelligent lightning and efficient heating

ELIAH is currently under development. The 20 th of October 2017, our crowdfunding campaign starts with rich discounts and great prizes. To stay up-to-date, we recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter or the newsfeed on our ELIAH blog.

ELIAH uses LEDs for illumination and therefore a modern and energy-saving technology with up to 40 watts of maximum LED power. We rely on high-quality brand LEDs from OSRAM with a color temperature of 2700 ° Kelvin and a typical color reproduction index of 80.

Depending on the existing mains circuit, ELIAH will provide up to two kilo watts of heating capacity. This function is sufficient from frost protection to chilly rooms. The warm air is distributed via the integrated fan.

ELIAH can be used to set the room temperature on the device, which is then conveniently heated by means of a light switch, with automatic switch-off.

As colour for the main housing RAL  9016 will be used. So the lighting and heating combination will fit descreetly to the most areas of application.

The diffusor will be made of satined glas or polymer, we are about to check the possible options.

For the display coverage and the console a grey lamination will be used.

The colour of the display is orange.

ELIAH is developed by German engineers. We at LIQUIDBEAM attach great importance to high quality and safety standards.

ELIAH will be very solidly built, with full conformity to CE and FCC.

ELIAH can be easily retrofitted with a connection for a ceiling light. ELIAH adapts to all 230 V circuits protected by 6A or 16A, whith reduced heating-output for 6A circuits.

More information for 110 V circuits follows soon!

  • appliance combination with lighting and heating for rooms up to 30 m²
  • modern casing in matte white (RAL 9016)
  • measurements: approx. 370 x 370 x 110 (L x W x H in mm)
  • approx. 2000 watts max. heating capacity
  • Fits circuit breakers with less than 4 Amps, 6 Amps or 10 Amps (230 V AC)
  • approx. 40 watts light output up to 2000 lumens, Osram LEDs
  • colour temperature 2700° Kelvin, warm white, colour rendering index: 80
  • regulated with a microcontroller by Texas Instruments
  • six individual configurations adjustable on the device

ELIAH will be available for 355 €, except for pre-sales, which will receive a huge discount. So not more than the price for a reasonable ceiling light and a good digital space heater – with much simpler usage, more safety and comfort.

ELIAH - in numbers

watts LED light output
typical colour rendering index
high-quality LEDs
seconds max. for program selection
watts heat output
individual configurations on the device

LIQUIDBEAM - Engineering made in Germany