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Design follows function

A short time later, the next meeting followed directly in our office, where Dietrich and I had been developing other ideas for some time. The first sketches had already been put on paper. Important requirements quickly became clear.

Here are the key points from our specifications for ELIAH:

  • Use of existing infrastructure
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Automatic shutdown of the heating power to reduce power consumption
  • Beautiful LED light with the possibility to adjust the brightness
  • Simple and elegant design
  • No suction of air directly at the mounting surface to avoid contamination by dust deposits

Now our thoughts just had to be put into action and that meant a lot of work for us.

At this point, we would like to thank our closest friends and confidants who supported us with advice and constructive criticism even at this early stage. This has encouraged us to concretize the expectations for our product and to define the right product requirements for ELIAH.

design follows function

A short time later, the next meeting also takes place in our office. The first sketches have already been put on paper. Quickly, important requirements become clear.