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The innovation in der heating technology

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ELIAH - The unique heatdeck1TP9Lamp

ELIAH heats quickly and effectively jedes Bade room

Heaten your baderoom efficiently and quickly in secunden to feel-good temperature with our heatdeck1TP9lamp ELIAH. Really. How much does it cost? asken you? 745,- EUR we answeren. Why doen we write this here? Well, we haveen found that der price plays a big role in our product. Denn ELIAH is new, there is nothing like it and for eachden Menschen, heat has aen differenten value. Therefore, we would likeen to explainden price in more detail and haben a Video turned with ouren two ExpertenSimon and Stefan explain to him how we developed ELIAH, why we produce in Germany and what great advantages you will have in your bedroom in the future thanks to ELIAH.