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ELIAH offers more comfort

Replace lamp and
Enjoy light & warmth

Simply replace the existing ceiling light with ELIAH and then activate Light & Heat on demand at the existing light switch. Retrofitting a stationary and fast on-demand heating system probably cannot be any more convenient.

Really no other device can do that and that's why ELIAH is patent pending! 

ELIAH integrates a complete single room heater into a ceiling LED luminaire, fully compliant with the current European Commission Regulation 2015/1188 implementing the Ecodesign Directive. The central positioning in the middle of the room allows for rapid distribution of heat in all directions. In addition, a warm comfort zone is quickly formed in the center of the room.

ELIAH is only 115 mm high, which corresponds, for example, to the length of an 11 watt LED bulb with E27 socket. Due to the low height and the timeless design ELIAH fits in really every room.

Upgrade your existing light switch

One click turns on the LED light. Two more clicks turn on the heat. With a little practice, you can turn on the light and heat in less than 1.5 seconds. Much faster than using an additional remote control and a real upgrade to your existing light switch.

Additional programs are recalled by turning off the device and turning it on again within five seconds. Up to eight different programs, plus two additional programs (hair dryer and temperature monitor) can thus be individually configured and called up via the light switch. With another click, you simply turn off ELIAH, just like any other lamp. The intuitive operation is easy to learn and ideal for young and old.

Don't feel like operating the light switch several times a day? No problem, configure ELIAH so that the last program used is always called up. The multiple actuation is then only used for seasonal switching of the programs.


Multiple connection

By this symbol you know that the functionality of the simple light switch has been extended by multiple switching.

An idea that has already been implemented elsewhere for the realization of step dimmers, now allows the simplest program selection to meet your individual needs for light & heat.

Easy to retrofit, resource-saving and child's play to operate.

More than just light

ELIAH provides your personal feel-good light in every situation. Whether bright light for make-up or dimmed light for relaxing in the bathtub. The integrated step dimmer allows you to configure suitable programs for every situation. The "hybrid dimming" of the LEDs provides a relaxed and flicker-free desired brightness from 1 % to 100 %. The maximum brightness of over 3400 lumens is also sufficient to illuminate large bathrooms beautifully. The color rendering index RA of more than 90 (type. 92) ensures beautiful color reproduction and good contrasts.

ELIAH can be configured so that the LED light starts with one percent of the maximum brightness after switching on and then slowly gets brighter and only reaches the set brightness after a configurable number of seconds (1 - 60). This gives your eyes a few seconds to get used to the light in the morning, or you can select a program with only low brightness as a night light at night.

ELIAH moves with the times

Timing controls are an important part of ELIAH. For example, the heating switches off after a configurable time if the device is forgotten. Time spans of a few minutes for the guest toilet are just as possible as several hours, for example for the home basement office.

In addition, the light can also be coupled to the existing timer, so that the lighting function is also automatically terminated. Ideal for bathrooms or basement rooms, in which the light is also often forgotten. So that you are not immediately in the dark, the device slowly dims the light to the lowest level and informs by gentle up and down dimming on the upcoming switch-off.

Would you like to have your bathroom already warm in the morning when you enter it? For this, ELIAH is connected via a changeover switch, which permanently supplies the device with power (switch normally closed). Now programmable weekly timers are available, or the clever Easy Timer, where the time can be programmed via the light switch (start of use on the following day at the same time).

More freedom for you

ELIAH gives you maximum freedom in the design of your bathroom. Design your walls independently of demand heaters or their requirements in terms of power supply or additional space not to block the heated exhaust air. The visual impression of the demand heating is reduced to a minimum. Of course, there is also no risk of bumps and trips, which mobile heating solutions bring with them.

And if the warm seasons do not require demand heating, you will have already forgotten that your room is equipped with it.



Configuration options

ELIAH supports you with innovative configuration options. For use in the bathroom, for example, there is the hair dryer mode. Here the device heats for an adjustable time at full heating level, either to dry your hair, or so that you can enjoy a nice warm air flow after the shower.

The maximum heating power can be set in percentage steps between 50 % and 100 %. This allows you to select the ideal compromise between heating power and operating volume for your application. As a rule, a power of 2300 watts or more can be taken from the ceiling installation for luminaires, if this is not the case, the maximum power consumption can also be set to 1200 watts or only 800 watts be reduced. For small WCs or bathrooms, this is still enough heating power.

The integrated temperature monitor can also be used without the use of a changeover switch (normally closed). If the temperature monitor is activated, it starts after a heating program has expired, or can be selected manually on the light switch. ELIAH is perfect to retrofit a temperature monitor in the winter garden, garage or basement.



Always ready to start

ELIAH is always instantly available when you realize that your bathroom or home office is too cool for you. Forget searching for your wall heater remote only to find that its batteries are dead. Gone too is the search for the mobile fan heater that has once again left its last known location. By mounting on the ceiling, ELIAH's supply and exhaust air paths are always clear and your demand heating is immediately ready for use. Already 10 seconds after starting a program for light & heat, the device heats.

The scene configuration allows up to 8 programs, which you can call up via the light switch. Thereby 3 programs are preconfigured. For each program you can set the following:

  • Brightness 0 % - 100 %
  • Heating 15°C - 35°C
  • Duration of the heating function from a few minutes to 12 hours
  • Circulating air 30 % to 100 % intensity, this ignores the heating function.