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We develop everyday things further to make your everyday life more pleasant and safer.


Light and warmth from the ceiling lamp

Our ELIAH heated ceiling lamp combines an LED ceiling light with a modern electric heater. The intuitive operation using a light switch is child's play and practical. ELIAH is p Perfect for lighting and heating rooms up to 30 square meters as required and saving energy at the same time.

ELIAH, with a height of 11.5 centimeters, is no taller than an 11 watt LED bulb.

Thus, ELIAH always ensures a discreet appearance and also does not stand out in your home more than other ceiling lights.

About Liquidbeam GmbH

Liquidbeam GmbH is a company founded by engineers from Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg.
With meaningful innovations, we open up product niches and thus develop new markets for high-quality products.
Our focus is on combining state-of-the-art technology with simple and intuitive operation.

Trust is our basis

From person to person, that's how we develop our products. Your one hundred percent satisfaction and the optimal implementation is our drive. In this way, we create products that bring you pleasure and comfort and which you will recommend with complete conviction.

Quality and sustainability

Good quality starts with planning. That is why we rely on high-quality and durable components, manageable processes and certified suppliers. We use it to produce durable and really sustainable products at an attractive price.

Design follows function

The optimal functionality of our products is always in the first place and yet we meet the requirement of aesthetics. An exciting journey, which challenges us again and again and discards already existing solutions. Our products prove that it's worth it.

Clever and smart

Connectivity is important! But do we always want to whip out the cell phone or use voice control to control everything? We say no. Our first choice is intuitive operation of complex technologies for your convenience. Simple and usually faster.


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TV report at Bauen & Wohnen

The TV team and the heater on the ceiling Our heated ceiling lamp ELIAH has made it to television. Because everyone knows it. The morning walk into the cold

Clean hands even on vacation

Whether it's a short trip to Venice or Florence, AMIRA is always with you and keeps your hands clean long after you've washed them.


Stefan Grabert

Graduate engineer mechanical engineering
Construction, design and optimization

Founder with over 21 years of experience designing industrial products for worldwide use.

Dietrich Frank

Graduate engineer in communications engineering (FH)
Organization and marketing

Founder with over 13 years of professional experience in the development of test systems and automation technology in the automotive sector.

Simon Haaf

Graduate engineer mechatronics (FH)
Concepts, electronics, hardware and firmware

Founder with over 11 years of professional experience in the development and optimization of industrial products for worldwide use.

ELIAH - the light-heat combination

Modern LED light

Modern LEDs ensure a high color rendering index of over 90 (typ.: 92) and thus natural color reproduction and pleasant contrasts. The brightness of the LEDs can be set individually for each scene between 1% and 100% brightness.

precise heating function

Whether 800 watts, 1200 watts or 2000 watts ELIAH always quickly ensures the optimal room temperature. The circulation of the indoor air is quiet and powerful thanks to a digital motor. This guarantees your desired temperature in just a few minutes.

More about ELIAH

ELIAH is available and can be ordered directly!

ELIAH in the workshop
ELIAH in the workshop
ELIAH in the garden hut
ELIAH in the garden hut
ELIAH in office space
ELIAH in office space
ELIAH in hobby room
ELIAH in hobby room
ELIAH as frost guard
ELIAH as frost protection guard
ELIAH in the living area
ELIAH in the living area