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Technical details about ELIAH

Easiest operation on the light switch

One click turns on the LED light. Two more clicks turn on the heating. Further modes can be called up with further clicks. With another click you can easily switch off ELIAH. The intuitive operation is ideal for young and old.

Precise desired temperature

Our ELIAH heated ceiling lamp puts an end to imprecise bimetal thermostats and meaningless "min/max" information. ELIAH remembers up to eight adjustable temperatures down to the last degree! In this way, you can effectively heat rooms to the desired temperature.

Comprehensive security

Digital temperature recording, speed monitoring of the fan, multiple protection of heating circuits, timer-controlled shutdown, free supply and exhaust air, protection against contact through ceiling mounting.

Pleasant and bright light

Natural colors, good contrasts, high quality LEDs with a color rendering index Ra> 90. Up to eight brightnesses from 1% to 100% can be conveniently selected using the light switch. The "hybrid dimming" means that the electronics remain noise-free.

Quality with a long service life

The high quality of everyone Components ensures durability. The LEDs are actively monitored and protected against overheating. ELIAH has a service life of 50,000 operating hours. ELIAH fulfills what you are from Made in Germany expect.

Temperature monitor function

If necessary, ELIAH monitors the temperature in the room and heats up before water pipes freeze in the winter garden or in the garden shed and plants die. Holiday apartments are also effectively prevented from cooling down.


Energy saving

Economical LEDs, monitoring of the room temperature, automatic shutdown of the heating after an adjustable time: More comfort and savings potential through needs-based heating in all locations with a short period of use. Conscious use of energy is important to us. Therefore, with ELIAH you can only bring your bathroom to a comfortable temperature when you need it there.

Like other electric heating systems, ELIAH also consumes energy. However, direct electrical heating is very practical, especially as heating on demand or for the transitional period, and helps to reduce overall energy consumption. This works by bringing rooms to the desired temperature only while they are in use. Ideal for bathrooms, winter gardens, basements and ancillary rooms. Temperatures between 16 ° C and 18 ° C are sufficient to reliably prevent mold. With a temperature difference of 5 ° to the comfortable temperature and a usage time of 60 minutes a day, more than 25% energy can be saved.

Immediate heat technology: ELIAH heats your bathroom just 10 seconds after switching it on. Mounting on the ceiling significantly reduces the accumulation of warm air under the ceiling compared to other heating solutions. The fan transports the warm air directly to your feet, so that a warm comfort zone is created in the middle of the room just a few minutes after switching on.

The digital temperature measurement and the integrated timer for switching off ensure that you do not use any unnecessary energy. ELIAH's LEDs have a high efficiency of A +.

Energy consumption in comparison

Some comparative examples for needs-based heating and a cost calculation based on current energy prices.

Heat for 10 minutes with ELIAH = Max. 0.333 kWh approx. 11 cents

The comparison is based on an electricity price of 33 cents / kWh.

Take a warm shower for 10 minutes = 150 liters of hot water approx. 78 cents

The comparison is based on a hot water price of € 5.20 / 1000 liters.

Heat for 10 minutes with ELIAH = 1754 m 48.6 s Motorway trip in an electric car

The comparison is based on the real values of a German electric car launched in 09/2020. Real consumption according to the board computer at the recommended speed of 130 km / h = 19 kWh / 100 km. The maximum heating output of ELIAH is 2 kW. During the heating process, the output is modulated between 10% and 100%.

ELIAH is a quality product

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We guarantee satisfaction and therefore you will get your moneyback if you are not satisfied. Up to 100 days!

The best manufacturer's guarantee is the one that you do not have to use. That's why we explain here how we at ELIAH rely on real quality:

  • The housing is made of high quality polycarbonate, the diffuser is made of high quality acrylic glass. Both materials are lightfast and colorfast in the long term.
  • The assembly mechanism relies on strong neodymium magnets, so the lighter assembly shell can first be conveniently assembled before the device that is then connected snaps into place magnetically. In this way, ELIAH closes cleanly and flush with the ceiling, without any annoying screws being visible. There is no risk of damaging ELIAH during maintenance or dismantling. There is also a fall protection.
  • The electronics from ELIAH were specially developed by us and are assembled by a certified manufacturer in Germany.
  • The final production and quality control is carried out in the Swabian Alb. Every device is 100% checked.
  • The implemented temperature management relies on efficient passive cooling. For this purpose, the LED carrier is thermally connected directly to the ambient air at six points, with all in all over 163 square centimeters of space. The temperature of the LEDs is also monitored and if there is a risk of overheating, they are actively cooled and dimmed if necessary. So you can be completely unconcerned even in demanding ambient temperatures.
  • The LED flat assembly and thus the light sources can be exchanged by us.
  • The LEDs have a high color rendering index Ra> 90 (typically 92), so colors also appear natural and rich in contrast in LED light. The control of the LEDs by "hybrid dimming" ensures that ELIAH always remains absolutely free of annoying whistling noises even when the light of the step dimmer is dimmed.
  • We obtain all the electronic components used (LEDs, microprocessors, capacitors and other ICs) from well-known brand manufacturers.
  • The built-in power supply meets high industrial requirements for interference immunity and scores with a particularly long service life. (MTBF = 959 100 hours at 25 ° C according to MIL-HDBK-217)
  • The screws used have a high level of corrosion resistance. (720 hours until Fe corrosion; testing of the corrosion resistance in the salt spray test according to DIN EN ISO 9227).
  • The aluminum electrolytic capacitors for voltage stabilization are branded products with a long service life. They are also operated below the nominal voltage, which further extends the service life. (Specified: 5000 h at 105 ° C, this would correspond to a service life of at least 50,000 hours if the capacitors were operated continuously at 70 ° C).
  • The fan has a low-noise and durable slide bearing and is operated by a digital motor. In the event of a failure, the ELIAH motor and heating unit can easily be replaced without having to open the moisture-proof electronics housing.
  • The integrated air deflection ensures an improvement in the air flow and reduces noise development.
  • The heating elements are only switched on when the required air flow is provided by the fan, this prevents the heating elements from becoming too hot and minimizes the formation of odors in the case of very dusty air.
  • In addition to the excellent security, which is already achieved through the fixed installation on the ceiling, we have implemented an extended security concept. Among other things, we permanently monitor the speed of the fan and only switch the heating elements as long as the required speed is reached. The implemented semiconductor relay relies on powerful and generously dimensioned TRIACs. The powerful microprocessor permanently monitors the correct program sequence.
  • The electronics housing is completely sealed against dust and moisture and equipped with a pressure compensation membrane.

After completing and submitting the ELIAH warranty card you get from us 5 year manufacturer warranty from the invoice date.