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Warm ceiling lamp ELIAH B-Ware


ELIAH heated ceiling lamp - The light and heat combination without effort.

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What do we mean by B-goods?

Our B-goods only differ in appearance from the regular products. Typically, these are small imperfections like discoloration, shading or small scratches in the white plastic case (see below). We usually have 1-2 imperfections per unit. B-goods can also be a verified shipping return.

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You have the same right of return, warranty and guarantee with our B-goods as with the normal product.

ELIAH heated ceiling lamp - The light and heat combination

The light-heat combination as a ceiling light! The ELIAH heated ceiling lamp provides warmth to the feet without renovation. It is very easy to operate with the light switch and perfect for young and old. Quick warmth has never been easier! ELIAH replaces your current ceiling light.

With a simple press of the light switch, you have light in the desired brightness, as well as heat, to the degree. No additional app or remote control is necessary, the modes are activated via the existing light switch. An innovative fan ensures the quick and even distribution of air in the room. ELIAH contains all our engineering know-how and there are many components patent pending. Be excited, look forward to instant warmth.

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  • Combination unit with dimmable high quality LED light and advanced fan heater
  • Temperature detection, current consumption and heating control digitally controlled by microprocessor
  • Child's play: operation via the existing light switch
  • 3 ready programs: Light, Light+Heating, Comfort light (20% dimmed) + 5 individual programs.
  • for bathrooms and rooms from 6 to 30 m² (tested according to KfW)
  • 5 years manufacturer warranty
  • 100 days money back guarantee
  • ... many more details to ensure your safety and comfort!


Eliah on the ceiling explains

The heat comes all the way down to your feet, thanks to our sophisticated electronics.

Also approved for professional use, for example in physiotherapy practices:

ELIAH heatdeck1TP9lamp in therapy room


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