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Here you will find our answers to frequently asked questions about ELIAH.

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Power consumption

How much electricity does ELIAH need?

This is very much dependent on the period of use of ELIAH. ELIAH consumes a maximum of 2 kWh per hour. We were able to determine these daily consumption rates in the typical applications:
  • Bath: 0.4-0.6 kWh / day
  • Home office: 3-4 kWh / day

What are the costs of electricity consumption?

With an assumed electricity price of 33 cents / kWh, ELIAH costs a maximum of 11 cents in 10 minutes. In comparison, hot water for a 10-minute shower in Germany costs at least 78 cents (5.20 € / 1000 L). With ELIAH, energy costs are saved by only heating when needed and lowering the room temperature when the room is not in use.


How heavy is ELIAH?

ELIAH weighs 4 kg.

How is ELIAH installed?

First, the ELIAH mounting shell is mounted on the ceiling with 4 screws. Then the device is hooked in to connect the electrical installation and attach the fall protection. Then the device is magnetically snapped into the mounting bracket.

ELIAH does not snap into the mounting shell correctly

Please check the following points:

  • The electrical installation is correctly stowed away and cannot be jammed. If the installation cables are very long, cables may have to be shortened. Please make sure that the cables at ELIAH should only be shortened if you no longer want to take advantage of the “money back guarantee”. Please also note point 4.3 in the operating instructions and especially Figure 3.
  • The assembly shell may be strained. This is possible due to an uneven ceiling, imprecise drill holes, or excessive tightening of the installation screws. You can loosen the screws to the ceiling so far that the corners of the mounting shell just touch the ceiling.
  • If the drill holes are not precise and you no longer want to take advantage of the “money back guarantee”, the mounting bracket can also be adapted to the drill hole. To do this, you can use a 5 mm metal drill to widen the existing mounting hole accordingly, or even to set completely new mounting holes. For this we recommend a position as close as possible to the original fastening hole, but also positioned so that the screw is not later visible from the outside.
  • The assembly ropes may be in the way. As soon as the electrical installation is connected and the fall protection has been installed, you can also unhook the assembly ropes and stow them separately in the corners beforehand. Just make sure that the assembly ropes do not cover the magnet pads.

Can I also mount ELIAH vertically?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. ELIAH must be installed horizontally.

Which circuits does ELIAH fit?

On circuits with 4 amps, 6 amps or more than 10 amps. The device can be configured accordingly for a lower maximum heating output of 800 watts or 1200 watts. This corresponds to circuits with 4 amps or 6 amps fuse protection.

For maximum heating output and use as a rapid heater, the circuit should be designed for at least 10 amperes. However, lower heating outputs are still suitable for small toilets or bathrooms. The ideal design includes:

Circuit breaker (> = 10 amps), cables (usually> = 1.5 mm ^ 2) and light switch (> = 10 amps).

How is ELIAH connected electrically?

As a “protection class 1” device, ELIAH requires a single-phase connection. Must be connected:

  • Protective conductor (PE = green / yellow)
  • Neutral conductor (N = blue)
  • Conductor (L = brown)

The existing terminals or other gas-tight terminals must be used for the connection!

Do I need a special light switch?

Existing light switches are usually sufficient for use as rapid heaters. The light switch must be rated for 10 amps or more.

To use the timer functions, it is necessary to use a button (changeover button, installation as normally closed). Here, too, the switch must be designed according to the current strength.

Configuration on the device

How is ELIAH programmed?

ELIAH is configured using the three buttons next to the display. All settings can be found in the enclosed operating instructions.

Can I reset ELIAH to factory settings?

Yes, press the arrow keys “up” and “down” until the device displays “fACt”.

ELIAH does not heat during programming, is that normal?

ELIAH switches off the heating for various reasons while you are configuring the device. If you are in a program with a heating function, the heating will start 10 seconds after you have exited the menu.

The menu for timer settings cannot be selected

The menu for timer settings is activated if you have connected the device via a switch button (normally closed); or have configured this in the global settings. Since the timer functions do not work without a permanent power supply to the device, the menu will otherwise remain hidden.

Operation on the light switch

How does the operation on the light switch work?

ELIAH has up to 8 freely configurable programs, which can be called up via normal light switches.
If the light is switched on normally, program 1 starts.
If the light is switched off and switched on again within 5 seconds, program 2 starts.
The program number increases for each repetition until the maximum number of programs required is reached. If this is the case, program 1 starts again.
If the light is switched off for longer than 5 seconds, the device starts again with program 1.
The number of programs and their function is set on the device itself.

How does the operation on the light switch work if this is a changeover button?

ELIAH is woken up from standby mode by pressing a button. If the button is pressed again within 5 seconds after waking up, the device switches to the next program. If the button is pressed again after 5 seconds, ELIAH changes to Standby mode .

Can ELIAH always start with the last selected program?

Yes, that is possible. Both when operating with the light switch and with a changeover button (normally closed). Please note the “Global settings” item and the “Start selection” menu item in the operating instructions.

Technical Equipment

Why does ELIAH not have a remote control?

We tested a remote control for ELIAH but decided against it for the time being. After a short period of familiarization, the operation of the existing light switch is, in our opinion, the best possible option.

Why does ELIAH not have a ceramic heating element?

Ceramic heating elements also have
a limited surface temperature without active air supply. This will also
No dust is burned when the device starts up and the formation of odors is minimized. this
is particularly necessary for cheap fan heaters because they often come with
simple gap motors are operated, which are timed to the heating element
be switched. This means that the heater is already heating, even if not yet
Air flow is present and without a ceramic heating element, high temperatures of the heating element can arise here, causing burning
is favored by dust with development of odor. The amount of air conveyed can also be a
Reduce gap motor over its service life, making the heating element higher
Develops operating temperatures and may burn dust as a result.

Especially in connection with cheap motors without speed monitoring
So ceramic heating elements make sense.

The ELIAH heating element is made of corrosion-resistant constantan wire.
Because we only turn on the heating when the air flow from the fan
is applied, we have ideal heat dissipation and the risk from the very first moment
Burning dust is minimized. We also monitor the speed of the
The fan and the heating is switched off when the required speed should be reached
no longer relevant. Other advantages of the constantan wire heating element
are the lower heat capacity and the small construction volume, which is why we at ELIAH
could achieve a compact design.