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6 weeks until crowdfunding starts

There is quite a lot happening here in Karlsruhe and we are approaching the crowdfunding campaign in great steps and full of anticipation. Tomorrow in 6 weeks the campaign will already start, it’s quite hard to believe!

While it is still somehow unusual for me to work full-time for Liquidbeam, I am all the more pleased with the great progress we do:

Since today ELIAH is a registered trademark. since a few days already LIQUIDBEAM is too. At this point, a big thanks to Fabian as he named ELIAH!

Since the end of August, Liquidbeam GmbH is registered in the commercial register, thus becoming officially operational as a company.

We are currently preparing the last bills of materials for pricing.

In addition, we are just finishing the final layouts for marketing, in particular a product presentation for download. Especially for additional languages, not directly supported on our website.

In the picture, you can see some pictograms which we commissioned. These and other pictograms will further illustrate ELIAH’s unique selling points.

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